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just something i wrote

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Apr. 23rd, 2006 | 10:49 pm

Untitled - no seriously it doesn’t have a name

I walk with my head held high
With dreams reflected in my eyes
On the outside it’s all for show
Nobody knows the real me

Just go on with your lovely lives while I lay dying on the floor
Can you please open the doors to my heart and
Help me see the light in this so called beautiful life

I feel like I’m living life day to day in a haze
Now the inner debts of my eyes show pain
I know these hardships will never end
But do I have to go through them alone


Will this emptiness go away or
Be forever embedded in my soul
My body has scars that want to mend so
Someone pull me from this path to my grave


Can somebody please save me?
Anybody save me
And show me the way

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